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We have moved to a new website. Please check the new page and the NCSU Tabletop Gamers Facebook page for information about events.

These are special interest groups of our club. Below you can find out what they do, where and when they do it, and who runs it.

Magic The Gathering

Magic The Gathering is one of the more popular games in our club. It is a collectible card game of spells and creatures that aims at bringing it’s opponents health to zero.  Bring your deck and you'll be guaranteed to find someone to face

Pen and Paper RPGs

Pen and Paper RPGs are role playing games played on paper instead in a video game.  Using paper character sheets and dice to determine percentages and outcomes, a group of 4-5 players venture in a world of dangerous stakes for great treasures.

Currently, a number of campaigns are running, including D&D 5e and Pathfinder. This SIG is led by Nick Pischak. He can be reached at njpischa@ncsu.edu

Uncle Lew Specials

Good ole' Uncle Lew regularly brings games to play that anyone is free to join.  Check in to see what's going down!