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We have moved to a new website. Please check the new page and the NCSU Tabletop Gamers Facebook page for information about events.


Our Club

We are a chapter of the Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers (CATTG), an international organization with chapters at different universities. To visit the national website, click here.

The NC State Chapter is a very diverse group, roughly 50 students strong, who enjoy just about any game thrown at them. General meeting time is 6:00pm Friday Nights, in Witherspoon Student Center, Room 126 (enter from the two main entrances, immediately to the right). These meetings consist of game nights, learning seminars, and tournaments of all types.

Our meetings are public and open to all. We bring games to others and utilize them to teach skills useful in everyday life. We also perform philanthropic projects throughout the year. We also have Special Interest Groups (S.I.G.s) that aim towards specific interests.


Our club has an extensive gaming library that we are constantly adding materials to. Our members have the ability to check out anything from our library. Visit our Library page to see what’s in, whats out, whats hot, whats not. If you’d like to make a donation in the form of a game we don’t have, be sure to contact us!

In the days of yore our library was lost in the confines of Harrelson, and we have lost several dozen adventurers in trying to find it.  At this time, our game collection is massively reduced from its previous glory, and we appreciate all efforts to contribute to the club! We have rebuilt our collection, but it has a long way to go.

If you are a game designer or aficionado and you would like to donate one of your games to the club we will gladly accept it! We appreciate all offers of tabletop and P&P gaming resources, and this will count as your contribution of dues to the club!


To become a member, just come out to meetings listed in the schedule. Membership dues are currently $10 per year. You can also donate a game, book, or other gaming resource to the club library upon approval. Membership benefits include, but aren't limited to: access to our gaming library, a casting vote on purchases and other club matters, and a warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting your favorite club.

For a list of current officers, please visit the new website.